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Alto Taxi a Family owned & operated business serving Orange County New York and surrounding areas. We have always been in touch with our clients' and passengers' needs. We provide 24 hour, seven-days a week, we provide Point to Point service, Airport Transportation and many of your transportation needs; Another great service that we have is that we're willing to bring you almost anywhere. We believe that as a taxi company, we need to be available wherever and whenever you need us. And much more... Just give us a call today to find out more and will be happy to assist you. You can also email us if it's best for you accommodate your transportation needs.

Because as we know, things come up unexpectedly. So therefore, we are here to be able to get you where ever you need to be fast and most importantly safe.

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Scotchtown, Middletown, Mechanics Town, Goshen, Chester, Woodbury, Montgomery, New York State and more.

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